Defective helmets – motorcycle helmets, bicycle helmets, football helmets, and other defective safety helmets – have caused far too many wrongful deaths and traumatic brain injuries (TBIs). On the other hand, well-manufactured, high-quality helmets have saved thousands from severe injuries and death.

If you or someone you love has sustained a brain injury while wearing a helmet that was defective, arrange to meet with San Antonio product liability attorney Matthew S. Norris to discuss your right to bring an injury claim against the helmet’s manufacturer.

What is Product Liability?

When a Texas consumer is injured while using any consumer product, that consumer may pursue a product liability claim against the product’s manufacturer. If the claim prevails, the victim may recover compensation for all of his or her injury-related medical expenses, lost wages, and all other related damages.

A product liability lawsuit may be based on a mistake in the design or the manufacture of a product, or the victim may claim that consumers were not warned regarding the product’s potential hazards or provided with clear directions for the product’s proper use.

What Steps Should Brain Injury Victims Take?

If you or someone you love has sustained a brain injury while wearing a helmet that should have provided protection, San Antonio product liability attorney Matthew S. Norris can help you determine to what extent the helmet contributed to the injury.

A number of factors can make a helmet defective. If the same helmet has been linked to other injuries and the same helmet manufacturer has been sued previously for product liability, chances are good that your claim will prevail and that the manufacturer will settle your claim out-of-court. On the other hand, a helmet manufacturer could allege that:

  1. It’s your own fault that you were injured – and not theirs.
  2. You were injured at another time and place – but not while wearing their helmet.
  3. You’re not really seriously injured at all.

How Will an Attorney Handle Your Product Liability Claim?

The injured victims of negligence who have sustained traumatic brain injuries will need the maximum compensation amount that is available to them, and they will need to be advised and represented by a product liability lawyer who will not settle for less.

The evidence your personal injury attorney introduces on your behalf may include your medical records and testimony or a sworn statement from your doctor; any photographs or video of the accident and any eyewitness testimony; the helmet manufacturer’s own safety records; and the testimony of expert witnesses such as neurological specialists, accident reconstruction experts, and authorities on product manufacturing.

How Are Product Liability Cases Resolved?

Most product liability claims in Texas are resolved when the attorneys meet and privately negotiate a settlement that’s acceptable to both sides, but when an acceptable settlement cannot be arranged, attorney Matthew S. Norris will take a helmet manufacturer to court and effectively explain your side of the case to a jury of your peers.

If you’ve sustained a brain injury because the helmet you relied on was defective, your first consultation with us costs nothing, and if you proceed with a product liability claim, you’ll pay no attorney’s fee until and unless the Law Office of Matthew S. Norris recovers the compensation you need. You can schedule your first consultation now by calling 210-549-7633.