According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than a million traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) are reported each year in the United States. If you or someone you love sustains a traumatic brain injury because another person was negligent, you’ll need to reach out right away to San Antonio brain injury lawyer Matthew S. Norris to discuss your legal right to compensation.

If you suffer a traumatic brain injury in traffic and a negligent motorist is at fault, the law entitles you to compensation. Traumatic brain injuries also happen as a result of slip-and-fall incidents, sports accidents, swimming pool accidents, assaults, and accidents involving defective consumer products. Any time that another party’s negligence is the reason for a brain injury, the injury victim has the right to compensation.

How Much Can TBI Treatment Cost?

In 2020, the medical bills that you’ll pay if you sustain only a mild brain injury might come in just below $100,000 – if you’re lucky. Full medical treatment for a moderate brain injury will cost about $1 million, while a severe traumatic brain injury that requires lifelong care can set a family back about $3 million. If the brain injury happened because someone else was negligent, the only realistic option for most victims is to pursue compensation with a personal injury claim.

In Texas, injured victims of negligence are entitled by law to compensation for their pending and projected future medical expenses, their lost wages and projected lost future earnings, personal pain and suffering, and all other injury-related losses and damages. Even though negligence victims are “entitled” to compensation, it’s not automatic. Victims must prove that they were injured by another person’s negligence, and that requires a personal injury lawyer’s help in San Antonio.

How Will Your Lawyer Help You Recover Compensation?

San Antonio brain injury lawyer Matthew S. Norris can review your case to determine if you have legal grounds to bring a personal injury claim. If you proceed with legal action, he may ask an accident reconstruction specialist, a neurological authority, and/or a financial expert witness to offer testimony in support of your claim.

In some circumstances, when the accident that causes a brain injury is employment-related, some TBI victims will qualify for Texas workers’ compensation benefits, but workers’ compensation payments will not be adequate to cover the lengthy and complicated medical care, treatment, and therapy that many TBI patients will need.

When Should You Contact Attorney Matthew S. Norris?

Almost immediately after you’ve been injured, you may be offered a settlement by the negligent party’s insurance company. Do not accept it. Until you have consulted an attorney and learned the full extent of your injury and your prognosis for recovery, you won’t know what your personal injury claim is actually worth.

That’s why you need to retain an attorney’s services as soon as possible after you’ve sustained a brain injury, refer the insurance company’s inquiries to that attorney, and let that attorney negotiate a more generous settlement on your behalf.

You can schedule a legal consultation right now by calling 210-549-7633. Your first consultation at the Law Office of Matthew S. Norris is provided with no cost or obligation, and you pay no attorney’s fee unless and until we succeed on your behalf – and you are compensated.