First, never take the attitude that any of your injuries are minor. Due to the immense forces and weight differential between you on your bike and any type of vehicle, your neck and back injuries may not show symptoms for days, weeks, or months. A considerable time may pass before you know the extent and severity of your accident. For example, even a slight pain in your neck and back may signify severe neurological damage.

In motorcycle accidents, many injuries can occur, such as limb amputations, paralysis, and traumatic brain injuries (or TBIs). Many of these types of injuries could change your life forever.

However, there are four necessary and immediate steps to take immediately following your accident. If you are physically unable to do these, try to get help at the scene.

These steps are:

  • Immediately, you (or someone at the scene) must notify the police – Move your vehicle to a safe area of the road. Then, you, or someone at the scene, should call the police. Let them know if there are any injuries. Ensure you provide as much accurate and detailed information as possible about your location and any potential injuries, damage, etc., you may have sustained. As soon as the authorities arrive, explain what occurred in as much detail as possible.
  • Document your accident the best you, or witnesses, can – While waiting for the police or EMTs to arrive, take notes about anything that you can recall, take photos of the scene, etc.
  • Write or dictate anything you can remember, such as:
    What you were doing when your accident occurred.
    The exact date and time.
    Your accident’s exact location.
    The contact information of any witnesses.
    Information about the other driver, such as their vehicle’s make and model, driver’s license number, etc.
  • Seek Immediate Medical Attention – This is vitally important and should be done soon! Even if you believe you are not seriously hurt, you must keep in mind that you may not have the current mental clarity to be fully aware or make decisions. Obtain copies of all your injury reports, as these can be essential if you must file an accident claim with your insurance company or file a lawsuit.
  • Notify Your Insurance Company – Do this as soon as you are able. You need to note that you’re not obligated to answer any questions or sign documents without your motorcycle accident lawyer present, as this could be detrimental to any claim you have to make.
  • Consult with a qualified Las Vegas motorcycle accident law firm – The severity of numerous motorcycle injuries often involves thousands and even hundreds of thousands of dollars to treat correctly and for you to recover. Consulting with an empathetic and professional San Antonio motorcycle accident law firm will help to ensure that you and your family get the compensation you need to thrive.

What Are Some Things I Should Never Do After My Motorcycle Accident?

Immediately after your motorcycle accident, you may be dazed or hurt, but you should always try to avoid doing the following:

  • Never admit fault at the scene, even if you believe you caused the crash – When it comes to determining fault in a motorcycle accident, very few are cut and dried or obvious. These accidents are usually traumatic, and your perception of what happened may not be accurate.
  • Never agree to dismiss the accident or “forget about it” – Make sure to obtain an official report of what happened, without which you may be providing your insurance company reason to deny covering the damage to your motorcycle, pay your medical bills, and much more.
  • Never assume that you’re not injured – At first, you may feel fine after your accident and, in many instances, begin to feel the pain or disorientation associated with whiplash, neck, brain, or back injuries later. It’s always in your best interests to assume that you might be hurt and get checked thoroughly by a medical professional.

It’s mandatory that when you speak with your insurance company, be extremely careful what you say and never sign any documents before consulting with your San Antonio motorcycle accident lawyer.
It’s unfortunate, but virtually all insurance companies will usually only pay what they must. However, your local San Antonio motorcycle accident lawyer works for you and your family and will fight to make sure you obtain the compensation you require.

What Type of Compensation Can I Receive After My Motorcycle Accident?

Motorcycle accident cases can be complex, and in many cases, it’s hard to determine what happened. For example, a car may pull right out in front of your motorcycle. MANY vehicles may have time to stop, but it may be dangerous for a motorcyclist to try to “slam on your brakes,” so you “lay down your bike,” which is a disaster for any rider.

Therefore, in severe or even fatal accidents, the motorcyclist may not have made direct contact with another. If the auto operator is at fault, the motorcyclist has a right to seek compensation.

Compensation can include:

  • Medical expenses – Payment for past, current, and future costs related to your crash.
  • Money to compensate for pain and suffering
  • Payment for emotional distress
  • Damages pertaining to any disfigurement.
  • Loss of income due to injuries could include your future diminished earning capacity.
  • Compensation to repair or replace the damaged motorcycle

Does Texas View Motorcycle Accidents Any Differently Than Car Crashes?

With hundreds of miles of flat, open roads, Texas is one of the ideal states in the United States to ride your motorcycle. Current statistics show that over 417 motorcyclists lost their lives in motorcycle accidents in 2018 and thousands more suffered severe injuries.

It’s vitally important to note that motorcyclists often face unjustified biases when pursuing injury claims. Other statistics show that motorcycle accidents often differ from car accidents in how they’re managed and the financial compensation that you might be awarded.

These facts demand that you consult a professional, experienced San Antonio motorcycle accident law team in these cases where “legal knowledge is power” especially holds.

I’ve Had a Motorcycle Accident in Texas; How Should I Proceed?

Motorcycle accidents can inflict severe physical injury and financial chaos on you and your family. You need to consult with a San Antonio personal injury law team to obtain what you need and rightfully deserve. You are not alone, consult with them immediately and get the winning legal help you’re entitled to.