Oilfield accidents cause catastrophic injuries, and for some victims, permanent disability. Frequently in these accidents, more than one party has a share of the responsibility and liability. Oilfields are enormous operations, so oilfield accidents can involve oil companies, contractors, sub-contractors, equipment manufacturers, truck drivers, and a number of other parties.

In the aftermath of an oilfield fire or explosion, for example, it can be difficult to determine precisely which parties may have had a share of the responsibility. Employers who carry workers’ compensation coverage, however, are protected against personal injury lawsuits, and if your employer carries that coverage, you will probably qualify for workers’ compensation benefits after an oilfield accident injury.

Can I Sue a Third Party and Still Qualify for Workers’ Comp Benefits?

Workers’ compensation benefits satisfy the legal right of Texas oilfield accident victims to receive compensation for their injuries. However, if a third party, a subcontractor or a delivery truck driver, for example, had any part in causing the accident that injured you, you may be able to take separate legal action to recover damages from that third party.

In such a circumstance, Texas oilfield accident attorney Matthew S. Norris can help you file a third-party personal injury claim and will handle that claim on your behalf. The exact circumstances of an oilfield accident will determine which party or parties may have liability for the accident and your injuries.

Are You Injured and Not Sure Who Is Liable?

If you receive Texas worker’s compensation benefits after an oilfield accident, you cannot sue your employer for negligence, but you can still bring a lawsuit against any third party with liability for the accident.

Oilfield accident injuries, as mentioned previously, are usually compensated with workers’ compensation payments, but some of these cases can become exceedingly complicated and confusing. You may not know if your employer’s negligence or another party’s negligence caused the accident that injured you.

Even workers’ compensation is not necessarily a sure thing for oilfield accident victims. Sometimes a workers’ comp insurance company will deny a claim or even accuse an accident victim of dishonesty. With so many possibilities and complications, it is best to place the matter in the hands of an experienced attorney from the very beginning.

An Oilfield Accident Can Devastate a Family – But We Can Help

Most oilfield accidents are preventable, and every Texas oilfield worker can take some basic safety precautions. Proper training, procedures, and safety equipment are essential. Vehicles and oilfield equipment should be maintained routinely and frequently.

An oilfield accident can devastate a family. Permanent disability and wrongful death are not uncommon in these accidents. Struggling with medical bills and complicated legal issues while you are recovering from a serious personal injury can produce stress and anxiety that you and your loved ones do not need.

We can help you eliminate that stress and anxiety. Your first consultation with the Law Office of Matthew S. Norris is offered with no cost or obligation, and you will pay no attorney’s fee until and unless we recover compensation for you.

We will walk you through every step of the workers’ compensation or personal injury process, sort out all of the red tape and complications, and help you move forward positively and constructively with your life.