Are Car Accident Scene Photos All That Important?

A car accident can happen in an instant, but the aftermath can be chaotic. The crash can leave you with severe injuries and legal battles that can be challenging and time-consuming. Accident scene photos go a long way in making your compensation claim less complex. They provide evidence that the crash led to the injuries you seek compensation for.

Many people think photo documentation is unnecessary because the police report and witness statement are sufficient. That couldn’t be further from the truth. A San Antonio personal injury lawyer explains the importance of taking photos of the accident scene after a crash.

Photos Are Among the Best Forms of Evidence

A photo can show proof of how an accident happened and the contributing factors that could have played a role in the accident. They can also help capture the extent of the damages you suffered due to the impact of the collision and the property damage that occurred. Depending on how you take the photos, they can also show who was at the accident scene.

Car accident scene photos can help your San Antonio auto accident lawyer create a strong claim on your behalf. They can present them to substantiate your injuries and show the other party’s fault.

Photos Help Build an Accident Claim

Some questions that arise in a compensation claim are the following:

  • Where did the accident happen?
  • What were the surrounding conditions?
  • How were you or other victims injured?
  • How did witnesses respond?

Insurance companies, your auto accident attorney in San Antonio, and other parties to the case will want answers to these questions, and photos will give them concrete details. The better you can build up your compensation claim, the faster you can get the settlement you deserve.

Photos Can Protect You from Insurance Fraud

Pictures can help determine liability for property damage claims and protect you from insurance fraud. When taking photos, try as much as possible to capture the following details:

  • The site where the damage happened
  • Any skid marks or tire tracks left behind during the accident
  • Different angles of the accident scene, wreck, and surrounding areas
  • Your vehicle before moving it out of the way
  • Your injuries

Photos Ensure Accurate Police Reports

Proper visual documentation of the accident scene can ensure the police report is correct and accurate down to the small details. Depending on the situation and police officers at the scene, photos can help prove you’re not the negligent party in the accident.

How Should I Take Car Accident Scene Photos?

A skilled car accident attorney in San Antonio will tell you that it’s not enough to merely take photos of the accident scene. Here are some recommendations for taking pictures to make your claim more substantial, not break it.

Capture the Surrounding Scene, Not Just the Damage

While getting photos of your injuries and vehicle damage is crucial, the context of the damage is equally important. There could be many things in the surrounding areas that you may not notice but may be used as sufficient evidence of what happened.

Take photos of the surrounding businesses. One of them could have surveillance cameras that captured the events leading to the accident, and pictures could help your lawyer contact these businesses later for the footage.

Take Photos of Nearby Traffic Signs

The presence of traffic signs at the accident scene can help reconstruct the circumstances surrounding the accident. If there’s a yield sign at an overgrown intersection at the accident scene, it could mean that the at-fault driver refused to yield, causing the accident.

A dense forest on an intersection makes it hard to see oncoming cars, so take photos of approaching vehicles and other relevant signs and landmarks.

Take More Photos Than You Think Necessary

There’s no such thing as too many photos of an accident scene. Let your car accident lawyer in San Antonio go through multiple photos to determine the best ones to use. That means that you did your job well. Having more photos provides more evidence relevant to your compensation claim.

Take Photos of Witnesses, the Other Driver, and Police Officers

Taking photos of other people at the accident scene can significantly help your case. When your personal injury attorney in San Antonio tries to find witnesses for your case, he can easily pick them from the photos. The images will also jog your memory if you need to remember who did what to help the situation.

Take Photos of Your Injuries

Some severe injuries may not have visible symptoms, but most do. Bleeding, bruising, lacerations, surgical sites, and scars can show the realities of your injuries. They can be the factor that genuinely demonstrates the existence and severity of your injuries to the jury. While your lawyer can explain the injuries, photos can provide more compelling evidence.

Record the Accident Scene

If you can, take a video recording of the crash scene. It may help to record other vehicles passing by and at what speed. Recording the light intervals can also help your case.

Sometimes after an accident, you may not be able to take photos of the accident because of the extent of your injuries. Call a friend or family member immediately and let them take pictures on your behalf.

An Experienced Personal Injury Attorney Helping You Build a Strong Case

Seeking compensation for injuries sustained in an accident due to someone’s negligence can be complex without the necessary evidence. Taking photos of the accident scene has many benefits and can help prove your case to increase your chances of recovering the compensation you deserve. A San Antonio car accident lawyer can use the images that best capture what happened.

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